Christmas in Huntsville-Our Mission

Our Mission- Building Connections

Christmas in Huntsville hopes to be your one-stop-shop for all things Christmas in Huntsville through our website and social media channels. As you interact with us, we hope that you’ll be inspired to make some deeper connections along the way. In short, this website and this effort is about connection. Connecting you – to those you love, to the city where you live, and to something bigger than yourself. So, interact with us! Like, share, and comment on our posts. Share your own pictures and adventures with us! And if at any point during this Christmas In Huntsville season you have a story to share about a deeper connection you’ve made to loved ones, Huntsville, or God – then head over to our contact page and let us know. We’d love to hear your story – because you are what makes “Christmas In Huntsville” a part of Christmas in Huntsville.

Connecting with Family

For one, we hope that through experiencing the magical season of #ChristmasInHuntsville that you will grow closer to your family and loved ones. Making memories with those you cherish is one of the best things about the Christmas season, and there are ample opportunities in and around Huntsville to do this. If through these efforts you begin to build traditions and cherish memories with those whom you love, we will be overjoyed.

Connecting with our Community

We also hope that through our website and social media accounts that your love and appreciation for Huntsville will grow. This town is made up of so many great people who do great things, and it is our pleasure to highlight as much of those as we can. And, new people are moving into Huntsville every day – we hope that we can be one source to help them connect on a deeper level with what makes this city and region so great, particularly at the Christmas season.

Connecting with God

Finally, Christmastime is the time of the year when the powerful forces of love and charity are most obvious. The story of Christmas itself is a story about the love and charity of God – God that loved so much that he gave of himself. We join with millions around the world to celebrate something that happened 2,000 years ago – that fact alone should urge us to stop and give serious consideration to the claims of what happened that night. Did God really come to earth as a baby? Believe that or not, the fact that this story has lingered for so long should tell us something about the spirit deep inside of all of us, and should compel us to give serious consideration to the big questions of life at some point in each of our lives. Maybe now is the time in your life to give that your serious consideration? We hope Christmas In Huntsville can help you, through our website and social media efforts, to explore the spiritual depths of who you are and what lies behind your deepest longings.



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